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Conservatory maintenance

5/16/2018 - 11:19 :18 AM

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Conservatory Repair Services include
We find that upvc conservatories are usally is pretty good, but the poly-carbonate panels become brittle, damaged or stained. This can be a simple matter of installing new poly-carbonate panels. Faulty lead flashing. This is probably the most common source of leaks on all older conservatories.
Glass units misted up, this is also very common.

Conservatory Repair Services Include:
Polycarbonate roof panel replacement.
Gutter and conservatory water leak repairs.
Lead flashing and cornice restoration.
Supply and installation of glass windows.
Lock and door handle repair.
Conservatory makeovers.
Please contact us with any questions Call Tony Charles 908-268-3000
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Conservatory damaged from snow load

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