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Specializes in the renovation of all kinds of glass structures, from skylights to sunrooms to greenhouses, and more. If you have a storm damaged sunroom, a greenhouse you need re-glazed or resealed, or you just want to do some preventative maintenance, call us for a quote on what it will take to bring your structure up to top performance again.

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Aside from problems with temperature regulation in older conservatories, there are several issues that can occur during the lifespan of your SUNROOM.
Sometimes exceptionally inclement weather can affect your SUNROOM. Maybe a roof shingle fell from an adjacent pitched roof and damaged the SUNROOM? Perhaps there is an ongoing leak that only appears in certain rain conditions when the wind blows in the opposite direction to the prevailing direction?
Due to its increased exposure to the elements, the SUNROOM roof and guttering can be susceptible to harsh weather conditions, for example, high winds or an overload of snow, that can cause guttering to warp or crack, snapped brackets and leaks.

Some issues may include leaks from slipped glaze panels. Leaking can also appear due to poorly sealed vents and joining glazing panels. Having a clear and clean gutter is vital when you have a SUNROOM due to the overflow sometimes contributing to rotting or warping. You should check for rotting, warping, cracking and misted or discoloured window glazing panels to reduce the risk of roof issues.

It is important to have your SUNROOM fitted to a high standard to help prevent SUNROOM roof issues, and decrease the need for SUNROOM roof replacements. A poorly fitted or missing end caps during the construction can lead to bigger issues down the line.

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