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Sunrooms can be constructed and designed to be used during two, three or four seasons. It is important for a homeowner to make a decision regarding when the sunroom will be used, as the season will greatly affect what kind of structure and materials should be chosen. The type of glass, framing materials and design, roof structure, roofing materials and whether a knee wall is needed all depend on when the sunroom will be used.

Two-Season Sunrooms
Two-season sunrooms can be utilized in the summer and spring months. Insulation is normally not required for a two-season sunroom. However, it is important that a homeowner carefully examine ways of preventing cold air from entering into the rest of the house from the sunroom in the winter months.

Three-Season Sunrooms
Three-season sunrooms can be used during summer, spring and fall. These sunroom types need to be insulated but to a lesser extent than a four-season sunroom.

Four-Season Sunrooms
Sunrooms used in all four seasons are built to withstand warm and cold weather alike. A four-season sunroom requires good insulation and often needs to be heated. In the case of heating, a knee wall (low wall on the base of the room) may be recommended to disguise the heating instruments.

Sunrooms can be built for use during various seasons, although keep in mind that the amount of heat and sun exposure in your sunroom will greatly depend on the direction that your sunroom will face.

A sunroom that faces north is often coldest, east will have the sun in the morning, west has the sun in the evening and one that faces south is normally the warmest.


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